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Raw Doors Brochure

Kitchen Refacing & Resurfacing is taking your existing kitchen cabinets and replacing the doors and drawer fronts with new ones. For the best results on traditional framed kitchen cabinets the face frames of the cabinets are veneered with a new piece of wood veneer with pressure sensitive adhesive. This allows you to match your new doors and drawer fronts to your old cabinet boxes no matter what wood species or color you want to update to.

Advantages of Do-it-Yourself Kitchen Refacing or Resurfacing include:

  • You can save thousands over a full professionally done kitchen remodel
  • Your kitchen does not have to be completely torn up - You can still use it during the refacing processes
  • You can update the look of your kitchen to any color and wood species
  • A properly done kitchen reface will increase the value of your home significantly
  • You will see an immediate drastic improvement that is very rewarding
  • Chances are there is nothing wrong with structural integrity of your existing cabinets. Why not reuse what you have saving time, money, and mess?
  • Depending on the size of the project a complete kitchen reface can easily be done in as little as a day to a couple of weekends
  • There is no better return on your investment in your home than updating the kitchen
  • The skill level and knowledge required to reface a kitchen is easily within the reach of most homeowners as opposed to a complete kitchen replacement. Very few inexpensive tools are required

Below are examples of refaced kitchens


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