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Raw Doors Brochure

Our face frames are built using 3/4" thick solid wood. Nearly all joints are 1/2" mortise/tenon, glued and nailed for superior strength.* All frames pass through 8 distinct sanding steps, finally receiving thorough cross grain scratch removal using an orbital sander with 80 micron (not 80 grit) pads.
*In some special applications we pocket drill frames together.

With our Face Frame Configuration Tool you can completely customize a faceframe to fit your cabinets according to your specifications, complete with live pricing.
Choose one of the styles below to get started.

Drawer / Door Base Face Frame Two Drawer Base Face Frame Three Drawer Base Face Frame Pot and Pan Base Face Frame
Wall Face Frame Wall Blind Corner Face Frame Wall Drawer Face Frame Microwave Wall Face Frame

To find out more about the wood species we offer, please visit our Wood Species Guide.


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